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piano lessons in new york
  • Are you looking for piano lessons either for yourself or your child that are effective yet not boring?
  • Would you like to learn how to practice the right way?
  • Do you want to learn your favorite pieces of music?
  • Do you want to learn how to read music and/ or chord symbols?
  • Maybe you'd like to learn how to improvise?
  • How about learning how to write your own songs?
  • Maybe you would like to improve your tone and technique?

  • Does one or more of the above questions sound like you? If that's the case we can help you!

    Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, here you can get the piano lessons that best suit your needs.

  • Learn the basics such as reading music and chord symbols
  • Develop crucial technical skills that allow you to play anything
  • Learn how to make up your own grooves
  • Get the necessary pieces together and start improvising
  • Learn great sounding voicings (chords)
  • Get coached, mentored and trained
  • Learn how to play with others
  • ...and even more!

  • Why Are We The Prime Place For Your Piano Lessons In New York?

    Learning Songs When having lessons with most piano teachers you go to a lesson and say that you want to learn a song or songs and then you just work though it until you can play it. In your piano lessons with us you also will learn songs however you will approach this process from a real life perspective. You will learn how to have a nice tone and how to play the song in style it has been written in, whether it is a classical composition, jazz, pop or another style.
    Technique You learn scales, arpeggios and chords and maybe Hanon exercises. Typically application and integration of technique is not taught. Here you will learn proper technique while keeping it practical. Scales and arpeggios in their raw form are not directly applicable to playing music. Therefore from start you will learn how to properly integrate technical exercises in songs. You will learn the secrets of developing agility and flexibility on piano, as well as how to get piano really to 'sing'. Practicing songs while applying and integrating technique will save you time and ultimately money.
    Theory and Ear-training Most teachers will teach you some theory; less frequently they will teach ear-training. However, in most cases it will be rather spontaneous “now we have to do some theory because you have to know it”. At our New York City studio you will learn theory and ear-training on “need to know” basis. Since these topics are organically integrated in your piano lessons you will gain in-depth understanding on how the tune you are playing has been written. That will widen your musical horizon and speed up your learning process. Applicable ear-training will develop your musical intuition and thus your musicality.
    Songwriting Most teachers will not even touch the subject of songwriting unless you are at a certain musical level (at least intermediate). Most students are not aware that they can write their own songs even if they are absolute beginners so they don't even ask. Here at C Major Music Lessons, we will teach you the basics of songwriting in your piano lessons if you want to learn about it. You will NOT have to take piano lessons for 1 or 2 years to even be allowed to think about writing your own song. Use the creative energy of New York City to put your emotions on paper or in on recording right away.
    Sight-reading While sight-reading will be generally addressed in piano lessons, often it will not be addressed sufficiently enough if you want to learn how to spontaneously sit down at the piano and play a random song from a book. The matter of fact is that you can be trained to be a great “on-spot” sight-reader. You will learn how to master this craft and if you want to specifically train this skill you will be provided with materials to train yourself and you will be trained at your piano lesson.
    Performance Most music schools and piano teachers in New York City offer recitals where students can showcase what they have learned in past months of lessons. While recitals are a great opportunity to practice how to be a performer and are offered at C Major Music Lessons, it is not sufficient to get rid of stage fright. What if I told you that if you have lessons with us you will have an opportunity to 'practice' performance in every or almost every lesson? Not only that, you would learn the art of performance in a gentle way in the supportive environment we provide. In piano lessons at C Major we use methods that liberate you from your stage anxiety as well as teach you to become a top performer.

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