Are You Searching For Blues Or Jazz Piano Lessons In New York City? no more!

piano lessons in new york

If you are looking for quality jazz or blues piano lessons in New York City, we are the address for you.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, we can help you to grow to the next level. Even if you have never played the piano, you can start from scratch by learning blues and jazz, no need to go through years of classical training.

New York City is full of musicians who teach and is a mecca of jazz. Here are some reasons why you should work with us:

▶ We are focused on developing the most effective teaching methods for jazz, blues and related styles of music.
We find that far too many teachers are teaching "everything". We believe in concentrating our energy and efforts in one direction in order to find the best ways to teach our chosen musical styles jazz, blues and related musical styles such as funk, R & B, Soul, Latin and Brazilian music.

▶ We ask you about what you want to learn and then we create a plan for you.
Often jazz and blues teachers offer a so called "one size fits all" plan on how to learn everything you need to know. That is, if they even have a plan... The truth is, however, you can learn everything you need to know based on your goals and save a lot of time in the process.

▶ We insist that you learn the correct playing technique.
In many cases, when taking non-classical lessons, teachers will let the technique side slip through. Playing jazz, blues and related musical styles involves different type of thinking than playing classical music and therefore many teachers focus on learning chords, improvisation and standards while neglecting technique. The fact is, however, that playing any style of music requires a good technique. Without good technique a player is locked at one level in areas such agility and tone quality, and it is outright unhealthy with consequences such as a chronic tendonitis.

▶ We show you what to do with the new things you learn at your piano lessons.
Many teachers tell their students what they must learn but they will not tell them how to practice. In this information age we are living, there is no shortage of information for little or no money. Information is not why you need a teacher. You need a teacher to show you how to reach your goals faster. That means that an effective teacher will show you what to learn in a logical order and how to apply and integrate the information so you can reach your goals with the least effort and time (and money) spent. We will actually tell you how to practice by yourself and how to leverage your practice time to get the best out of it.

▶ As teachers we are not stuck in the proverbial "box" of musical styles.
It is common in music community to belong to a specific style and be rather close-minded towards other types of music or music industry at large. While we specialize teaching jazz, blues and related styles of music, we are not narrowminded; we are proficient in all styles of music, including classical and open for any questions you might have while studying with us regarding other styles of music. This is very important, especially if you are composing your own music or writing songs.

In Short, This Is What You Will Learn:

  • Learn the basics such as reading music and chord symbols
  • Develop crucial technical skills that allow you to play anything
  • Learn how to make up your own grooves
  • Get the necessary pieces together and start improvising
  • Learn great sounding voicings (chords)
  • Get coached, mentored and trained
  • Learn how to play with others
  • Sounds good to you? Book an Intro Lesson Today!